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Nardolillo Blasts Whitehouse for Role in US Opioid Addiction Epidemic

State Representative Bobby Nardolillo is blasting U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse for his reported role in the U.S. opioid addiction epidemic.




New Leadership for What Lies Ahead

State Rep Bobby Nardolillo is your neighbor.  You’ve watched him rise to become a real voice for protecting taxpayers in our State Legislature.  For over One Hundred Years Rhode Islanders have known the name.  Bobby is the fourth generation of his family to serve the final needs of the Ocean State.

Think about it: He was born into a household whose hallmark was Service to the Community.  He was raised to continue that tradition.  It was that very bias toward helping Rhode Islanders that propelled him into political leadership.  So, even as a young man, Bobby Nardolillo is the product of a long apprenticeship that’s taught him to listen to those he serves, then figure out what has to happen to meet their needs.

Born and raised here, Bobby is a product of Cranston public schools.  He finished his secondary education at Lasalle Military Academy.  His undergraduate work took place at Lynn University – an innovative institution with a view towards international relations, and Arapahoe Community College.

Born into the family business, Bobby has been a working man since his teens.  Today he helps manage a statewide enterprise that includes funeral homes in two Ocean State locations and cooperative connections to home and hospice care providers in all five Counties.

Today Bobby Nardolillo lives in Greene, RI, with his wife, Jacqueline, their son Rocco and daughter Milania.  As with all young parents, the Nardolillo’s are focused on working together to raise their children to be productive in the new Century ahead.

In his career in the State House of Representatives, Bobby has taken that normal parental point-of-view one step farther.  He has been actively working to help create a 21st Century Rhode Island that will offer opportunity to all the youngsters of our state.  Now, with your help, he is offering to expand that effort nationwide.



In his inaugural address President Donald Trump noted that more money is lavished on American Public Education than on any other educational system on earth.  Trump went on to point out that despite all that spending our nation suffers dismal educational results.  I agree with the President that the problem is not funding.  All across America we need a new revival of top-to-bottom interest in how we educate our new generation of leaders.  It is critical that parents be intimately involved in the education of their children.  If that’s not possible then we need the surrogates who do look out for kids to be just as connected to their needs.  Then we have to give those parent-led educational teams real options for the different paths on which they can launch their kids. Traditional public schools will benefit from competing with home schooling, charter schools, mayoral academies, and technical training programs that, together, will offer real diversity of choice to our children.

Today, right here at Quonset Point, there are apprenticeship programs available at no cost that will train young men and women to be shipwrights in the nuclear age.  The Virginia Class Submarine Program, by itself, will offer those apprentices career-long employment at levels of income that promise to exceed those of most professionals.  Where that work fits with the desires and abilities of a child, it should be sought out and exploited.

Today, anywhere in the Ocean State, internet access exists that permits us to leverage all the wisdom of the ages from our Smart Phones.  Visit Khan Academy and have a fast look at the hundreds of opportunities that exist for traditional instruction at any level and in virtually any discipline.   How can we plan to integrate this kind of on-line support with the educational experiences our children receive?  This kind of innovation cannot be overlooked.

If I am elected to the US Senate I hope to provide legislative assistance to the Federal Department of Education and to all the States of the Union to greatly improve the overall educational results our nation enjoys.  If that can be done at an overall lower cost than America spends today, what a bonus!


At the inception of the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development it was understood that an American family’s home was most often its largest financial asset, as well.  Somewhere between that day and this HUD has morphed into the agency that simply warehouses client families in sub-standard, government owned apartments.  If I am elected to the US Senate I hope to work to reverse that pernicious trend.

All of our current schemes for housing the poor result in confining those Americans to 2nd Class Citizenship.  That’s because they are not allowed to leverage their homes to help their own net worth grow or to pave an upward economic path for their children.  Even the most recent efforts of the Obama Administration to diversify population centers simply force the economically disadvantaged into tract housing far away from their families and friends.  At that, these homes are conveyed with ridged deed restrictions which effectively prevent their new ‘Owners’ from taking any financial advantage of that status.

While those who are unable to help themselves will always need our help survive, the vast majority of HUD Clients should be allowed and encouraged to use their personal assets to produce the greatest personal rewards.  Our nation is based on the supremacy of that smallest of all minorities: The Individual.  Our federal housing policy should be based on preparing the poor to become the newest members of the middle class.  That may mean educational programs to train people in how to use the financial system.  It will certainly mean according HUD Clients with the Authority to make their own choices.  That’s the only way to help them to take responsibility for those choices.  I mean to support and promote that culture shift.


Recent attempts to centralize the control and management of American healthcare have failed on several levels.  That goes for the initiatives undertaken in both the Clinton and Obama Administrations.  The use of US Government Bureaucracy as the controlling factor in healthcare decision making has doomed each of these attempts.  Bureaucracies cannot deal with individuals effectively, only with groups or demographics – and the bigger the better.  Medical diagnoses and treatment plans, on the other hand, are absolutely tailored to a single patient.

So today we have the spectacle of federally promoted health insurance that is held by millions of the newly covered but which is largely unusable by any of them because of the backbreaking deductibles involved.  Is that really healthcare?

I support the current talk of Patient Centered Healthcare Solutions and the push for Free-Market resolution of the costs for such care.  I have followed the plans developed in the US House of Representatives and I am optimistic that a replacement plan for Obamacare will be made an Act of Congress and implemented long before I could be fortunate enough to become a Member of the Senate.

Make no mistake: The United States enjoys the highest levels of healthcare quality on Earth.  Our challenge is to deliver those enviable levels of care to many more Americans, and on financial terms which permit them to make use of it.  I look forward to helping manage that ongoing process.


The facts of global temperatures and amounts of CO2 dissolved in sea water are measurements that have been accurately recorded.  The process by which these numeric values predict climate change is also understood, at least as basic theory.  Neither can there be any doubt that human activity creates some by-products which are identified as contributing to the modification of our current climate, both Pro and Con.

What is not understood is the relative impact of human activity on climate modification as a percentage of the whole.  Do biologic or geologic factors have a greater or lesser impact than industry?  This is an area where science is still being developed.  As of yet, repeatable scientific experimentation is not universally accepted as proving the question, one way or the other.

So the basic science of the study of climate processes and their dynamics is an area where government could be of great assistance.  By promoting that work government could hasten the day when we have real understanding of what’s happening and why.

The Understanding Gap that exists today is the weak link in any proposal that’s made to benefit our global environment.  That’s why so many of the proposals which have been floated to date have carried such huge human costs.  So that Understanding Gap is also the reason so few environmental initiatives have been undertaken to date.  We can’t afford to economically harm so many people in the absence of more certain understanding that such disruption is actually necessary.

If I am elected to the US Senate I hope to support the advanced research which will clarify the real parameters of climate change, making future decisions obvious.


Government cannot produce wealth.  Only Manufacturing can combine two one dollar items and create a product worth five dollars.  That’s the basis of real economic growth.

What government can do is to modify the environment in which business activity occurs.  And it can do so in ways that either help business activity or hurt it.  For a decade the US Federal Government has burdened our economy with more and more overhead requirements.  It is high time we changed that!

On a business’ balance sheet, Overhead Expenses are those which must be paid but which do not contribute directly to the cost of goods sold.  Taxes are overhead expenses.  Before government can spend a nickel it first must extract that nickel from your pocket or mine.  The current push by the new Trump Administration to reduce corporate (and individual) tax rates is just what the economic doctor ordered for our economic environment.  Tax cutting must be accompanied by the cutting of government expenditures and that’s where some real political will to do the right thing would be helpful.  I can supply that will on behalf of the hard working, tax paying men and women of the Ocean State… If you’ll let me.

Another Overhead Expense with which businesses have to deal is government regulation.  Without question we have to create specifications for a safe work place.  When permissible levels of non-toxic chemicals in the work environment are tightened from Parts per Million to Parts per Billion, however, the dramatic increase in cost to do that is borne on the backs of our businesses.  Our own Rhode Island Fishing Industry is suffering under needlessly restrictive limits on its catch as well as federal requirements to take on and pay additional crew members whose only job is to verify that commercial fishermen are playing by the rules.  Actually you and I pay those costs in the smaller selections and higher prices we face when we buy fresh fish for our dinner tables.

I believe government can rationalize many of the onerous regulations it has imposed without doing any harm whatsoever to the health and safety of its citizens or the quality of its natural environment.  With your help I will take my place as your spokesperson in the US Senate and begin implementing these needed changes.


Rep. Robert Nardolillo tells Dan Yorke he believes he is the favorite to win the RI Republican primary for U.S. Senate Nov 17, 3:35 PM  https://audioboom.com/posts/6497388-rep-robert-nardolillo-tells-dan-yorke-he-believes-he-is-the-favorite-to-win-the-ri-republican-primary-for-u-s-senate


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