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Website: bobquattrocchi.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Bob-Quattrocchi-for-House-41-ScituateCranston



Hi I’m Bob Quattrocchi. I am a forth generation Rhode Islander and resident of Scituate for 48 years. I’m married to my wife Edwina and have two daughters, 22 and 12. I’m a graduate of Scituate high school and a certified graduate of the American Motorcycle Institute. I’ve owned two small businesses, Quatro Concrete Finishing and Quatro Motorcycle Co. I ran for the same seat in 2014 and received a very respectable, 17% of the vote as a first time candidate in a three way race.
Why I’m running for State Representative: My wife and I Started attending 38 Studios hearings in 2014 at our State House. At first I did a lot of listening but eventually felt the need to speak out against payments to the failed company bondholders (the SEC has now considered this to be fraudulent and payment was still included in the latest budget). That lit the spark in me, to do more, to try to help our state.
As many of you know, it’s not a good feeling to have to recommend to your child that they should move to another state for a better life. There is no reason that our tiny state of one million people should not be a shining example to the rest of our country on how a state should be run. Since 38 Studios, I have been involved in speaking at numerous State House hearings and attending many rallies including: lowering the sales tax, RhodeMapRI (now RI Rising), No new stadium, RhodeWorks RI(tolls), no licenses for illegal aliens, protecting our 2nd amendment rights and veterans rallies.
I believe that the taxpaying citizens  and small businesses of our state are on the threshold of taking it back and I would like to contribute my time and energy to work with like-minded individuals to take our state out of the condition of decay and the long list of last’s, which has made us the brunt of national jokes. We always hear that things will never change in Rhode Island, but I am very optimistic that they can. We owe it to our children and grandchildren.


No Tolls – I sat in hallways at the State House for two nights in a row. I waited 13 hours to be able to speak. I saw, first hand, the total disregard for the concerns of trucking company owners, small business owners and citizens who demanded that, “we the people”, do not want another crushing tax imposed on us in the form of tolls. This was rushed through in record time, against the will and consent of Rhode Islanders, and must be repealed.
Promote ethics reform – Most efforts to clean up our government are knee jerk type reactions which fall short of accomplishing anything, and only serve to resemble needed accountability. I would like to see an independent task force set up to aggressively pursue and punish corruption and abuse of public trust.
Support the line item veto – Although it doesn’t seem appealing to give our current governor any more power, I believe a line item veto would shed light on, who is responsible for a particular budget item, thus creating accountability.
End legislative, community, and departmental grants – Although there are many needy and worthwhile organizations who receive them, these grants are slush funds whose only purpose are to gain popularity and, thus, votes for the people giving them. All spending needs to go through the budget process.
Fight for small business – With all the burdensome regulations and taxes that are imposed on businesses, the best relief they can come up with is a $50 savings on the yearly minimum corp. tax. Don’t spend it all in one place.
Support our veterans – This speaks for itself. If we can support illegal immigration to the tune of, hundreds of millions of our dollars, and we do, then those dollars can be used for helping our vets.
2nd Amendment – Our Constitutional rights are, increasingly, under attack, and none more than our 2nd amendment. “Shall not be infringed”, means exactly what it says, not maybe, or based on political winds.


Upcoming Events

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    January 20 @ 8:00 am - 10:00 am
  2. Special Election Senate District 8

    January 22 @ 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
  3. Bobby for Senate Fundraiser

    January 22 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm