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Rep. Patricia Morgan’s 5th Visit To DHHS Office Regarding UHIP Crisis


Throughout her life, Patricia Morgan has been an educator, a small business owner and a lifelong community leader. But her most important title is mom and her favorite title remains grandma.

Growing up in a working-class family in a small, rural Ohio town, Patricia, the youngest of three sisters, was raised to appreciate the importance of hard work, family values and responsibility.

Her father, a WWII veteran from the 82nd Airborne, worked making tires at the Firestone Tire and Rubber factory.   He and her mother, a war bride from England, knew they wanted a better life for their daughters and they instilled in Patricia the value of hard work and the importance of a good education.

School has always been an important part of Patricia’s life.  She has an abiding appreciation in the power of a good education to change lives for the better.  She attended Kent State University with an academic scholarship from Firestone and earned a BA in English from the Honors College. Later she received a M.Ed. in special education from Rhode Island College and a principal’s certificate from Providence College.

Patricia’s career as a special education teacher began at George Washington Carver Junior High School in Meridian, Mississippi. During the three years she spent in the classroom there, she used innovative techniques and cheerful persistence to prepare her students for independent lives.

Married to a Naval aviator, Patricia lived next in Florida and finally was transferred to Rhode Island, where she has made her permanent home, raising her three sons in West Warwick. Always interested in helping her community, she revitalized Pack #22 Phoenix, which grew during her 8-year tenure as Cubmaster from four Tiger cubs to 65 cub scouts and she participated in numerous civic events and organizations.

As her sons grew, she returned to teaching at Cranston High School West. For the next decade, she was dedicated to helping young students develop the necessary life skills for success.  One afternoon Patricia found herself at a job fair filling in for her oldest son who was finishing his studies at Villanova University.  Gathering applications and information, she spoke to the branch manager from Smith Barney who asked her if she had ever thought about switching careers. That question resulted in a career change. For the past two decades, Patricia has worked as a financial advisor, helping families keep their investments and retirements safe.

Closer to home, Patricia became concerned that our state leaders were promoting policies that made the lives of working class Rhode Islanders harder, instead of making them better.  She stepped forward to try to change that disheartening reality.  In 2010, she successfully ran for State Representative and, after six years working for common-sense legislation in the State House, Patricia was elected the first female Minority Leader in Rhode Island’s history.

As a legislator, Patricia has fought for educational excellence for Rhode Island’s children; for lower taxes for families, young and old; and for reforms to bad policies that hurt our business climate. She has advocated for health insurance reform and legislation that will make it easier for Rhode Island’s doctors to provide world-class quality healthcare to all Rhode Islanders. She has fought on behalf of her constituents for legislation that will lower of high cost of living and bring well-paying jobs with futures to our state.

Believing that every Rhode Islander deserves a brighter future, Patricia hopes to continue to lead this fight as the next Governor of the Ocean State.


“Since being elected in 2010, I have worked hard to bring common sense principles to Rhode Island government.  Too many Rhode Islanders are struggling; the cost of living continues to climb, but their paychecks aren’t. Instead of reforming and eliminating bad state policies that cripple our jobs climate, our state leaders have added to them. Sadly working age people are the largest demographic leaving our state.

It’s time to find the political will to tackle the issues that make Rhode Island one of the most hostile business climates in America. Those issues hurt regular, everyday Rhode Island families just as hard. We need to reduce taxes, especially the property and car tax, to put more money in everyone’s wallets. We must find and eliminate waste, abuse and fraud in state spending.  Instead of using precious dollars for questionable CommerceRI freebies to out-of-state companies, we must remove policy and regulatory obstacles that prevent our homegrown small businesses from thriving.

Good schools deliver brighter futures. Children must graduate with the skills necessary for success. It is a given, that our children and teachers deserve to work in healthy schools. We also must give all educators the freedom and tools to improve their craft for the benefit of our children.

Please join me: together we can make Rhode Island a better state for every Rhode Islander.”


Reform Social Security

​In an effort to protect Rhode Island’s seniors and provide them with some well-deserved tax relief, in 2015, Patricia introduced H7207; a bill intended to repeal RI taxes on social security and other retirement benefits.  The reform was passed with income restrictions. A full exemption will allow our retirees the same benefits available in 44 other states.

Ease Tax Burdens

Rhode Islanders face the third highest estate tax burden in the United States, and many successful Rhode Islanders relocate elsewhere to avoid this confiscatory death tax, thus depriving the state of income and sales taxes and other economic benefits.  In an effort to mitigate this situation, Patricia has annually sponsored legislation since 2011 that would raise the estate tax exemption in parallel to federal law for both small businesses and individuals.

Improve the Small Business Climate

​For over a decade Rhode Island has ranked at or near the bottom of Forbes’s “Best States for Business” index.  Over-regulation, harmful state laws, escalating energy costs and other damaging policies have depressed our economy and its ability to create well-paying jobs. In an effort to counter such business disincentives, in 2012, Patricia co-sponsored H8024, a bill requiring a cost/benefit analysis and periodic review of all regulations governing or impacting small businesses.

Provide Better Healthcare

Rhode Island is having a crisis of access to physicians and patient care.  Rhode Island has cut Medicaid reimbursement rates and many doctors have lost their private practices; this all leads to fewer medical options for patients. Patricia believes that physicians are a critical and vital component to the health and wellness of our residents.  As such, in 2017 Patricia introduced H5671, H5672 & H5673. These bills will allow doctors freedom of choice in maintaining their professional licenses, will grant reciprocal licenses for physicians in other states and establish a process to license these physicians.

Tort Reform

In Rhode Island, an involved party judged to be as little as 1 % liable, can be held responsible for the total costs of any judgment, thus creating further disincentive for businesses to locate in Rhode Island.  Realizing that if well-paying jobs are the goal, we must have a fair legal system, Patricia has annually sponsored legislation to reform joint and several liability laws in keeping with 42 other states.

Fight Against Tolls & Taxes

Patricia fears that whether Rhode Islanders directly pay at the tollbooth or indirectly in the increased cost of everything purchased, Rhode Islanders have been saddled with a hurtful and damaging burden that could have been avoided.   Instead of reducing spending, Rhode Island continues to find new ways to tax its citizens.  As such, Patricia not only fought and voted against the original toll legislation, but continues to advocate for a full repeal of this harmful law.

Improve Children’s Well Being

​Child welfare advocates have long argued that animal abuse is a predictor of child abuse.  With her background as a special education teacher, Patricia has long fought for child protection. In 2015 and annually since, Patricia has introduced a bill, supported by all stakeholders, that would establish a cross reporting system for animal, child, and domestic abuse among the respective responsible agencies.

Government Oversight Reform

Patricia has been a strong watchdog for waste, fraud and abuse in our social service programs. Rhode Island residents on public assistance with EBT cards were able to use their cards for the purchase of alcohol, tobacco, lottery tickets, and pornography.  Patricia believes that there should be a safety net for those who truly need government assistance, but has long been a watchdog against such obvious abuses.  Beginning in 2010, Patricia introduced and helped pass bills to strengthen government oversight and protect welfare assistance and taxpayers.

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