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Nicholas Oliver, Mayor, East Providence


Nicholas Oliver, Mayor, East Providence


Website:  www.oliverforep.com

Facebook:  Nicholas Oliver, 2018 Candidate for Mayor of East Providence, RI

Twitter:  Oliver for EP Mayor

Instagram:  oliverforepmayor

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Contact Information: Email: OliverforEP@gmail.com  Phone:  401-433-1050


Meet Nicholas


Born and raised in East Providence, Nicholas Oliver is an example of what “Townie Pride” means to our community. Devoted to the the people of our community, Nicholas consummately gives back through civic participation, volunteer activities, and community support in order to continue to make East Providence a better place to live, work, play and pray.

Nicholas is a 1997 graduate of East Providence Senior High School and attended Orlo Avenue Elementary and Martin Junior High School. Nicholas graduated from the University of Hartford with a Bachelors in Political Economics and minor in Public Relations in 2000 and the John W. McCormack Graduate School for Policy Studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston with a Masters in Public Affairs in 2008. In addition, he is a Certified Association Executive, a coveted achievement attained by less than 5% of nonprofit organization chief executive officers, by the American Society of Association Executives.

Nicholas currently serves as the Executive Director (Chief Executive Officer) of the Rhode Island Partnership for Home Care, a trade association for home care and hospice providers delivering healthcare in the homes of over 20,000 Rhode Islanders everyday. With a workforce of over 7,600 direct care professionals and paraprofessionals throughout 47 companies, including 8 based here in East Providence, Nicholas leads an industry with his strong business and financial acumen that generates over $500 million into the Rhode Island economy annually. Prior to his work with the Partnership, he led government relations for amazing organizations, including the American Heart Association and the Sierra Club.

Nicholas became active in civic engagement at a young age working on a successful advocacy initiative developed by his junior high classmates to recognize and cleanup the Runnins River, the river that establishes the state border between East Providence and Seekonk. Through this initiative, Nicholas was inspired to dedicate his career toward improving the community around him.

Since those days, Nicholas has led or supported successful efforts for statewide smokefree workplace laws, good samaritan liability immunity laws for CPR/AED to save lives, comprehensive statewide planning and implementation for Stroke disability and death reduction, mercury abatement laws on consumer products, expanded recycling programs, equitable education opportunities for children with exceptional disabilities, more stringent carbon emission standards on vehicles, access to hybrid and full-electric vehicles in the Rhode Island market and charging stations, expanded statewide support and planning systems for Cancer survivors, and increased state Medicaid reimbursement rates to support expanded access to cost-effective quality home and community-based healthcare services.

In his free time, Nicholas and his family can be found along Narragansett Bay enjoying the array of coastal resources of our great state and the many cultural and civic activities of East Providence. Nicholas and Suzanne (LeBlanc) have two children and their beloved dog, Sabin, named after Sabin Point in Riverside, which one of Nicholas and his family’s favorite places in East Providence.


“We all know that East Providence is in need of change, and that change must begin now” – Nicholas Oliver candidate for Mayor of East Providence

Stop the Bleeding from Taxpayers’ Pockets

Reform our municipal taxation and fee structures to make East Providence more attractive for businesses to develop and grow here to ensure more sustainable jobs for residents of East Providence and more revenue into our local economy. Seek relief for homeowners by reducing property taxes and egregious water and sewer fees without tangible results to improve our city’s roads, schools, parks and underground pipes. This starts with synchronizing our fiscal year to the state’s fiscal year, ending annual borrowing in order for the city to pay its bills, and shifting away from the city’s practice to collect the majority of its revenue in the third quarter of the fiscal year. In addition, it begins with making steps now toward our commitment to our current and retired city employees to fully invest in the pension fund before it becomes too late to make reforms to sustain the fund and still maintain our commitment.

Rebuild our Infrastructure

Develop and execute a meaningful long-term plan that repairs our roads in our neighborhoods and fixes or replaces schools and municipal buildings neglected by current and previous elected officials and city managers. Our children should not attend school in a building that is not a conducive learning environment, nor should we expect our teachers and staff to work under such conditions either. The problem is more widespread than just our High School. Through the city’s annual budget, appropriations will be made to ensure annual tangible improvements throughout the city and ensure accountability for timely action on all city projects.

Generate Sustainable Jobs for the 21st Century Economy

Attract companies to choose East Providence and retain current East Providence employers by creating public-private partnerships that provide jobs here in East Providence for students upon graduation from the East Providence Career and Technical Center (“the voc” / vocational school) with the skills needed to compete in the modern economy. Through these partnerships, students can be trained in basic skills to comply with all appropriate education standards early into their participation at “the voc”, matched with a local employer much earlier than job placements under the current curriculum, with the skills necessary to meet their employer’s specific needs and licensure requirements upon graduation.

We Are One: East Providence Initiative

4 Wards. 1 East Providence.

“Townie Pride” is meaningful to those that have graduated from East Providence High School and for those that had their children go through our school system. It is about the care and respect for the community in which we were raised and the school and teachers in which educated us and our children.

However, East Providence is more than just “Townie Pride”, especially for those residents that did not have the opportunity to graduate from our beloved high school because they moved to East Providence as an adult or their parents chose for them to attend an out-of-district placement. The love that we have for our community goes beyond and can be substantially separate from this one school. We display this in the hundreds of community events throughout the city that groups host for the general public each year to celebrate a particular neighborhood, culture or landmark. All of these activities are meaningful and help define who we are and why we live here in East Providence, but we need more opportunities to be inclusive, bring everyone from all across East Providence together and celebrate us as a community.

Bringing community partners, local businesses, nonprofit organizations, and cultural organizations together, we can have more opportunities to come together throughout the year as a community beyond the annual Heritage Days and Concerts in the Park in the Summer. The goal of the “We Are One East Providence Initiative” is not just to finally give East Providence the fresh start our city needs as Nicholas will provide once elected as Mayor, it is about bringing our community together to celebrate the rich culture, amazing natural resources, impressive local talent and significant local history throughout the year. Let’s make East Providence a fun place to live, work, play and pray! It is not about where we live, it’s about where we choose to live, raise our families, and enjoy our retirement years. From Rumford to Riverside, Kent Heights in between, and central EP where Nicholas was raised, the “We Are One East Providence Initiative” will bring residents from across the city together throughout the year to celebrate our city and its people.

Upcoming Events

  1. Special Election Senate District 8

    January 18 @ 8:00 am - January 19 @ 4:00 pm
  2. Judge Flanders speaker at TEA Party event

    January 18 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  3. Providence GOP Meets

    January 18 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm