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I’m still “Steamed Up” about the state of our State! As you know, it is vital that we keep applying pressure on the “Powers that Be” at the General Assembly, revealing cronyism by blowing the whistle on backroom dealings and working diligently to free our State from excessive government regulation, things that we all know continue to crush our economy and harm our residents.

I am extremely proud to have the distinction and honor of being the youngest member ever elected to the Rhode Island Senate. I take this role very seriously, and strive to serve with the utmost integrity, remaining untainted by those who seek to squash the voice of you, the residents of Rhode Island.

During the 2010 election season, my message was simple. I promised to never support a tax increase, to stand up for small businesses and to fearlessly oppose those who would seek to quiet the people’s will. I promised to be an advocate for less government intrusion in all of our lives. I am proud to have kept each and every one of my promises.

There is much more still to be done to bring common sense solutions to our State’s ailing economy and this is why I’ve decided to seek a third term as your Senator. With your help, I will continue to be the Whistle Blower in the General Assembly – pushing for the changes necessary to turn our State around. My opponent will surely have the backing of the union leaderships’ machine – a machine used to funnel extorted dues into her pockets, and churn out brain-washed volunteers. All in a concerted effort to control your future through the purchase of an indebted legislator who will work to promote its socialistic ideals. Together we can stop this machine from inevitably crushing the voices of the many hard-working union members, and residents like you and me.

Together, I believe we can stop this and create a brighter future for Rhode Island. I respectfully ask for your vote this November. I welcome the opportunity to speak with you, so please do not hesitate to call me at (401) 473-7784.

Nicholas D. Kettle


Senator Nick Kettle is an independent voice within the State Senate helping to bring balance to our government. He is an effective leader, standing up for the taxpayers and residents of District 21. Continuing on the work of his first term he has:

  • Introduced and passed legislation in the Senate to allow paper filers of their State Income tax to receive their tax refund through direct deposit;
  • Opposed paying back the 38 Studios bonds. Also Co-Sponsored a bill to fully investigate the 38 Studios boondoggle;
  • Introduced legislation to repeal the $500 minimum business tax to help keep hard earned cash in the pocket of Rhode Island’s small business owners;
  • Introduced legislation to cut down on fraud within the SNAP (food stamps) program, while preserving its benefits for those who truly need a helping hand;
  • Introduced legislation ratifying charter changes for the Towns of Foster and West Greenwich, Also sponsored legislation ratifying Charter Changes for the Western Coventry Fire District.
  • Introduced legislation enabling the Town of Scituate to implement tax rates for different tax assessment ratios. This will allow the town to move from a system of using 50% of value on assessments to 100% of value. This will in effect drop the tax rate in Scituate.


Nick Kettle will continue to stand up for those who have defended our nation’s precious liberty. He introduced legislation in the Senate to eliminate the State Income Tax on military pensions. Senator Kettle also introduced legislation that has previously passed the Senate to establish a Gold Star family license plate, for those families who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Nick continues to assist veterans and service members with access to state government services.

Ethics in Government

Nick co-sponsored legislation that eliminated “Master Lever” straight party voting, which passed the legislature this year and was signed into law by Governor Lincoln Chafee. Nick vigorously supported and co-sponsored the Ethics Amendment, which was passed the Senate but, unfortunately, failed to pass in the House.

Senator Nick Kettle has kept his promises to you and your District 21 neighbors by:

  • Voting against ALL new taxes, fees and spending increases;
  • Refusing every single legislative pay raise.
  • Voting against increased government intrusions into your life, such as the primary seat belt offense law;
  • Sitting on the Environment and Agriculture Committee Senator Kettle continues his fight to keep District 21 rural by supporting responsible development, responsible renewable energy as well as supporting local pro – agricultural initiatives.



Upcoming Events

  1. South County GOP Breakfast

    January 20 @ 8:00 am - 10:00 am
  2. Special Election Senate District 8

    January 22 @ 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
  3. Bobby for Senate Fundraiser

    January 22 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm