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Michael “Mike” Smith (R) Senate 13 (Newport/Jamestown)


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District 13 candidate Mike Smith hopes to spark a conservative wildfire in Rhode Island

2017-08-08 Mike Smith Liberty Caucus


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Letter to the Editor: Mike Smith – Democratic Candidates Are Out Of Touch with Needs of Residents – June 25, 2017


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Campaign Manager: Luis Vargas

Chair: Former State Representative Daniel Reilly

Co-Chairs: Cranston Mayor Allan Fung, and Former State Senator Edward O’Neil

Jamestown Chair: City Councilor Blake Dickinson, and Co-chair Rebecca Schiff



“Now is the time for change” exclaimed Michael Smith.
Surrounded by his family and supporters Michael Smith officially announced his candidacy, as a Republican, for the election for Senate District 13, representing Newport and Jamestown. The seat 13 was recently vacated by former Senate President Theresa Paiva-Weed.
Smith ran for Senate against Senator Weed in 2014, and gave here her closest race ever, garnering 46% of the vote in his first attempt at elected office. Smith stated: “Newport and Jamestown population continues to drop, as we have become too dependent on tourism. This has made our economy vulnerable to economic downturns and our future far to unpredictable. When elected I will work in a bi-partisan manner to help our local leaders create a diverse year-round economy, and year round jobs. I will then take that message upstate to ensure we get the support we need from the state to begin putting the pieces together that will create a healthy economy that provides for both the good paying jobs and the social programs we need to support both our businesses and our neighbors.”
Smith also talked about the states continuing ranking as the worst state in the country for business.  “We must create partnerships between our businesses, our neighborhoods and our leaders that will seek ways to make our state business friendly, especially to small business, who overall are our largest employer. We can no longer work at the expense of one to serve the other. We must develop win/win strategies that serve the needs of our entire community. When elected that is exactly what I will do.”
Smith also discussed education. ” We pay more in taxes each year, yet our school scores and rankings are continuing to fall. “We must adopt practice similar to top education states like Massachusetts, so that we can equip our kids for the challenges of the future”.
In closing Smith stated: “We can no longer continue the divisive party politics that has held this state and our region back for so many years. We must embrace a new political approach that focuses upon leading with authenticity, integrity and respect for one another. When elected I promise to lead that effort so that we spend our time moving forward, creating a future that has promise for the future, while addressing the pressing needs of our present.”

Elect Michael “Mike” Smith (R) Senate 13 (Newport/Jamestown) Special Election August 22

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For years, progressives at the Rhode Island House of Representatives have imposed absolute havoc on the citizens of Rhode Island.

50th Worst State for Business ( 47th two years ago)

47th worst run state (outdated administration and systems, poor management of taxpayers’ dollars)

50th Worst State for Business ( 47th two years ago)

We aren’t growing enough jobs. Paychecks are stagnant and small business, which is the backbone of our state, are buried in red tape, costly fees and regulations.

Revenues that feed our community programs, schools, and infrastructure are drying up.

While Rhode Island government is buried in never-ending scandals our families are faced with seeing their kids have to leave for states that are less corrupt and fiscally diverse.

The only ideas the group of stagnant lawmakers in Providence can come up with is more taxes, tolls, and fees.

For Jamestown and Newport we must end our complete reliance on tourism and focus on a year-round economy.


1. Accelerate re-alignment of the bridge off ramp. Freeing up lands for business development.

2. Work with the Navy regarding upcoming land development for business, and open space.

3. Continue the task of a diverse economy with industry and incubator hubs that encourage small, manufacturing, and high tech businesses.

4. Make Jamestown and Newport a hub for eco-friendly business.

5. Aggressive action to reduce the corporate tax, state sales tax and outdated regulations.

6. Create Tax credits for startup businesses.

7. End the corporation fee for startups and small business that employ 15 or less people.



I have three children that I must feed and put through school. Just like you, I work hard to make it happen. But the worst part about it is my kids are finding work in other states and currently have no choice but to steer clear of Rhode Island. Our kids are leaving and seeing little reason to return.

I will seek to put a bill into education that would create a better relationship with businesses and our future business leaders (our students) – a common sense initiative that other more progressively diverse states are implementing.

A few of my education priorities include:

A.) Providing the opportunity for students be taught or mentored by business leaders throughout the state.

B.) Offering class credits for students to actually intern at some businesses, providing students with real world experience and small businesses the opportunity to invest in their future workers.

C.) Offering more competitive business courses in schools that teach students how to start a business, including management, development, and marketing.

D.) Teaching our kids how to handle money, avoid debt, balance a checkbook, invest, and grow their money as the world ahead will be much more challenging economically than it has been in the past. This would be intertwined with the reality that Rhode Island is not competing with other states and the world in sciences, math, and engineering.

I will seek to implement real solutions based upon the models of better performing states, and the standards that they implement and expect from teachers and students. Overall, we need more accountability so that good teachers are rewarded and failing teachers no longer get a “pass”. We need to focus on student outcomes or our students will not reach their full potential.



I love Jamestown, Newport, and all of Rhode Island. I have traveled the world, but I firmly believe that we are blessed to live in such a beautiful place. My family and I love the outdoors – swimming, boating, hiking, going to the beach, etc. My wife and I encourage our kids to respect the land and nature, and we want a resilient, safe and clean environment for them in the future.

This is why I am a strong supporter of groups like Clean Ocean Access, Save the Bay, and others, who have really partnered with the community in education, awareness, and cleaning the environment.

Unfortunately, some political lobby groups, in our state have used the “environmental “banner as a front for deeper agendas, such as larger and more restrictive government, higher taxes on already stressed Rhode island citizens, and eminent domain (land grabs by the government), which seize the opportunities for private individual land ownership.




The progressives in the State House and Senate lack concern, creativity, and have run out of ideas to stimulate Rhode Island’s economy and restore our infrastructure. The first thing they should attack is why Rhode island has one of the highest road and bridge budgets, yet we are stuck in last place – we are 50th in the nation for WORST roads and bridges. We do not need toll gantries throughout the state. We need to fix our problem of waste, outdated spending, and horrible administration.

The “truck” toll, is an illusion which is primed for cars, and a policy that will once again hit already strapped Jamestown, Newport, and all Rhode Island taxpayers.

Last session, there were unsuccessful attempts by some lawmakers to seek:

1. Alternative ways to fund infrastructure needs. A “Pay As You Go” plan.
2. Not incur more debt on RI taxpayers with more bonds from Wall Street. We are already 2nd highest in debt.
3. Monies from corrupt and outdated programs such as the vote buying process of “Legislative Grants”.

The progressives at the State House shot all of these suggestions down.

My priority if I am elected the State Senator for Jamestown and Newport will be to seek ways to consolidate systems. We are the size of a medium size city in America. Let’s reduce the number of highways departments, and consolidate the bridge and highway departments. At the very least, we can consolidate or centralize administration. I will seek an audit of the budgets, payrolls, and contract awards given throughout the state.

Rhode Island already has one of the highest spending per mile on roads and bridges in the country. There is clearly extreme waste, mismanagement, and red tape causing our end result to be WORST roads and bridges in the country, and the only way to change that is to elect independent minded leaders who can get right to work on these important issues and hold people accountable.



Current State leaders and Commerce RI do not understand our economy. Using millions of taxpayer dollars to entice a few companies to come to Rhode Island, they help a select few, but ignore the majority of our small businesses. They then parade this as success.

To have a really thriving economy, with plentiful well-paying jobs with good futures, we must go back and remove the barriers that are hurting our business climate. There are too many regulations that add cost, but no value. We have crushing property taxes. We have electric rates with annual double digit increases.

We have an environment that is hostile to businesses. Change does not have to cost money – it will instead take a fresh approach and a lot of political will.

Current companies and new ones need a more welcoming place to grow. We need to make it easier for them to prosper, and throwing their resources via taxes at a myriad of ‘corporate subsidies’ is folly until we fix the damaging policies that are weighing down our growth.

Companies should come to RI because it’s a great place to succeed, not because we pay them to come, and if I am elected your State Senator on August 22nd, that is what I plan to accomplish.



I take the hardships Rhode Island seniors are facing personally. I will demand change!

Seniors are becoming the largest sector of our population. They have earned our respect and it is our duty to honor them with a more comfortable and easier ways of life. Unfortunately, career politicians have worked for large donors and specials interests, instead of supporting our seniors.

Rhode Island is ranked the 5oth worst state to retire, according to AARP and other media outlets.

I have learned a lot of what the average senior goes through in our state. My mother lives with the daily struggles and hardships, many of which have been put in place by career politicians.

I also learn as I knock on doors and meet with many in senior centers and homes.

Many of the things we talk about are the hardships in ever rising Medicare, prescriptions, utilities, and housing.

Also, as the Rhode Island’s mired political system continues to drive away businesses and working families, so goes the state’s revenues. The result is the drying up of much needed monies for vital services to our aging population.

  • I will fight to for RIPTA to extend free transportation to all seniors over 65, and increase routes and timing for disabled pickups.
  • Dealing with the “new and improved” software system that has cost Rhode Island taxpayers millions, and is still not getting much needed benefit checks to those in need.
  • Ending all taxes on elderly benefits, and military retirement benefits.
  • Easing current housing waiting lists, and asking why are so many younger, and able bodied individuals getting housing over elderly and disabled.
  • Easing the miles of confusing paperwork and red tape seniors must face to apply for benefits and housing. (as well as hours of being on hold with state agencies)

There is much work to be done in this area. You can count on this being a top priority.



2017-08-08 Mike Smith Liberty Caucus

4/25: Paiva Weed’s Seat is Up For Grabs- Republican Candidate Mike Smith on State of Mind

Published on Apr 25, 2017

Mike Smith lost to Fmr. Senator Paiva Weed in District 13 by a slim margin in the last general election. Smith is running a Newport and Jamestown – centric campaign for the chance to represent District 13.

Video: Mike Smith RI Senate District 13 Candidacy Announcement – 4/18/17

Published on Apr 18, 2017

Mike Smith has announced his candidacy for Senate District 13, Newport/Jamestown in special election to fill the vacated seat of Senator Teresa Paiva-Weed.

Video graciously provided by: Roland Lavallee at Republican RJL

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