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Ken Block On HAVA Compliance Before The RI BoE


Ken Block Speaks On HAVA Compliance As It Relates To The Rhode Island Board Of Elections

Ken Block filed a complaint with the Department of Justice over the lack of data not being collected by the Rhode Island Board of Elections since a rule change in 2008.

Ken Block suggests the promulgated rule change makes optional the collection and verification of personal data for newly registered voters.

Mr. Block had several attorneys look over the change which suggests it is not in compliance with the Help America Vote Act mandated the collection of data.

Adversarial comments were made by Commissioner Stephen P. Erickson that set a tone unbecoming a public servant in a highly publicized issue. Commissioner Erickson suggested Mr. Block was grandstanding with his complaint to the Department of Justice because Ken wasn’t willing to debate the matter on Twitter.

Mr. Block only agrees it should not be debated on Twitter.

Board of Elections legal counsel stated that Mr. Block was in his right to file a complaint with the Department of Justice.

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