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Press Releases 2017

House Minority Caucus

blakef    4/25/2017    House Minority Whip Blake Filippi to Testify Before the House Finance Committee Calling for Transparency Across State and Local Government

lancia H16    4/24/2017    Rep. Lancia to honor 15th anniversary of 5K Walk and Run to benefit Children’s Friend

morgan H26    4/12/2017    House Republican Caucus schedules press conference today on legislation affecting potential stadium negotiations

Mendonca 72    4/12/2017    House Minority Caucus to Submit Bill to Prevent Rhode Islanders From Being Forced to Pay for PawSox Stadium

morgan H26    4/11/2017    House Minority Leader Patricia Morgan to Submit Legislation to Repeal Truck Tolls in Rhode Island

blakef    4/11/2017    House Minority Whip Blake Filippi to Present Three Constitutional Reforms to House Judiciary Committee

Mendonca 72    4/10/2017    Representative Kenneth Mendonça to Testify on Legislation To Cap Proposed Minimum Wage Hike

quattrocchi41    4/07/2017    Legislation Submitted by Representative Bob Quattrocchi Would Grant Scituate Veterans a Tax Credit

roberts H29    4/06/2017    Representative Sherry Roberts Testifies Before House Committee on Health, Education and Welfare on HPV Bill

newberry H48    4/06/2017    Leaders Against Litter Coming to Rhode Island State House To Celebrate Earth Day

Representative Price    4/05/2017    Representative Justin K. Price to Testify on Geoengineering Bill Before The House Committee on Environment and Natural Resources

lancia H16    4/05/2017    Representative Robert B. Lancia to Host Constituent Forums To Discuss Sex Offenders in Cranston 

 roberts H29   4/04/2017    Representative Sherry Roberts Announces Eco-Depot Event Scheduled for Coventry

nardolillo H29     3/30/2017    Representative Robert Nardolillo III. Announces TCB “Taking Care of Business” Small Business Package

roberts H29    3/29/2017    Required Offer of Taken Land Back to Original Owners Proposed Before Judiciary Committee

blakef    3/27/2017    House Minority Whip Submits Legislation Designed To Create Transparency in Rhode Island’s Pension Fund Investments

Mendonca 72    3/24/2017    Representative Mendonça Testifies Before House Judiciary Committee Regarding Open Meetings Laws

 lancia H16   3/23/2017    Representative Robert Lancia Testifies About Sex Offender Population in Cranston Before House Judiciary Committee

 morgan H26   3/22/2017    House Minority Leader Patricia Morgan Testifies Before House Labor Committee On Legislation to Increase Prevailing Wage Cap For Small Building Project Competition

morgan H26    3/22/2017    House Minority Leader Patricia Morgan Submits Legislation to Isolate 911 and Other Money from Telecommunications Providers

 morgan H26    3/21/2017    Minority Leader Patricia Morgan Testifies on Legislation for DLT Negotiation Training for Town Officials

quattrocchi41    3/20/2017    Legislation for a State-Wide Commission To Study Improved Recycling For Multifamily Complexes in Rhode Island

morgan H26    3/20/2017    House Minority Leader Patricia Morgan Proposes Amendment to Central Coventry Fire District Charter

 lancia H16    3/20/2017    Representative Robert Lancia to Host Superintendent and Principals from District 16 at Rhode Island State House

 roberts H29  quattrocchi41  Mendonca 72    3/20/2017    State-Wide Commission to Study Improved Recycling For Multifamily Complexes in Rhode Island Proposed Before Municipal Government Committee

roberts H29    3/17/2017    Representative Sherry Roberts Testifies Before the House Committee on Municipal Government Regarding Coventry’s Fire Districts

morgan H26    3/16/2017    House Minority Leader Patricia Morgan Introduces Package of Municipal Spending Reduction Tools

 nardolillo H29   3/16/2017    Representative Robert Nardolillo III. Submits Legislation Aimed At Protecting Families with a Disabled Parent

morgan H26    3/08/2017    House panel hears Rep. Morgan’s resolution on creating child abuse/animal abuse cross-reporting system

nardolillo H29    3/06/2017    Rep. Nardolillo submits resolution to Congress to prevent voter fraud

morgan S34    3/06/2017    Senator Morgan bill would require posting human trafficking assistance signs

newberry H48    3/02/2017    Rep. Brian C. Newberry submits legislation requiring civic literacy in local schools

 chippendale H40  blakef  Representative Price    3/01/2017    Members of House Minority Caucus Meet with Leaders From Rhode Island’s Regional School Districts

 morgan H26    2/28/2017    Minority Leader Patricia Morgan Travels to Thailand to Help Women Candidates International Republican Institute Seeks to Strengthen Developing Democracies

nardolillo H29    2/28/2017    Rep. Robert Nardolillo III blasts Governor Raimondo over new tourism campaign

blakef    2/27/2017    House Committee on Judiciary to hear two privacy protection bills introduced by House Minority Whip Blake A. Filippi

kettle S21    2/23/2017    Kettle introduces bill to combat food stamp fraud

giarrusso H30    2/16/2017    Sr. Deputy Minority Leader Anthony Giarrusso Submits Legislation Recognizing Historic Cemeteries

 morgan H26  Representative Price  giarrusso H30  roberts H29    2/15/2017    House GOP Members to Propose Changes to House Rules Legislation

lancia H16    2/7/2017    Representative Robert Lancia to Co-Host Along with Sean Holley, 2nd Annual Black History Month Rhode Island Youth Reading Club Event

morgan H26    2/7/2017    R.I. boy, 9, wants to be president and says Minority Leader Patricia Morgan is one of his political heroes

morgan H26    2/2/2017     House Minority Caucus members call upon governor and attorney general to release all documents related to 38 Studios investigation

morgan S34    2/2/2017     Senator Morgan proposes drug testing for welfare recipients

morgan H26    1/30/2017    Minority Leader Patricia Morgan Pens Letter to President Trump Seeking Much Needed Federal Assistance for All Rhode Islanders

lancia H16    1/30/2017    Rep. Lancia to introduce legislation aimed at sex offenders

morgan S34  Paolino S17    1/27/2017     Sens. Morgan, Paolino co-sponsor line-item veto initiative

lancia H16    1/27/2017    Representative Robert Lancia Introduces Legislation to Create an Office of Inspector General to Help Root Out Political Corruption

nardolillo H29    1/26/2017    Representative Robert Nardolillo Asks Governor Raimondo and Mayor Elorza to Consider Actions Regarding Sanctuary Cities

quattrocchi41    1/26/2017    Representative Bob Quattrocchi Seeks to Have Documents Related to 38 Studios Released

 lancia H16   1/24/2017    Representative Robert Lancia Announces Prayer Breakfast at Rhode Island College

 quattrocchi41   1/23/2017    Representative Bob Quattrocchi Assigned to House Committees

 kettle S21   1/19/2017    Kettle bill would exempt military pensions from income tax

nardolillo H29    1/18/2017    Rep. Lima and Rep. Nardolillo will introduce bill for ignition interlocks on school buses

nardolillo H29    1/18/2017    Representative Nardolillo Introduces Legislation Intended to Deport Illegal Immigrants

Representative Price    1/17/2017     Rep. Justin Price assigned to several top House committees

morgan H26    1/17/2017     Minority Leader Morgan to offer response to Governor Gina Raimondo’s State of the State Address

roberts H29    1/13/2017     Representative Roberts assigned to several House committees, will chair Republican Policy Group

kettle S21    1/12/2017     Sen. Kettle named to Senate Finance

 morgan H26   1/6/2017      Minority Leader Morgan introduces resolution congratulating Trump on inauguration


Upcoming Events

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  2. Cumberland GOP Meets

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  3. ACT for America – RI Chapter Dinner

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