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Line Item Veto


Line Item Veto

Line Item Veto Website: Use it to contact your local General Assembly State Representatives and Senators!    http://www.lineitemveto.org/


Rhode Island is facing upcoming State Deficits of $600 Million to $1 Billion over the next four years. The Budget Deficit may fluctuate based upon Tax Revenue but the looming Budget Deficits still exists.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Have all Departments issue a report on cutting their budgets by 10 percent.

2. Prevent the General Assembly from passing any legislation and laws with unfunded mandates.

3. Have the General Assembly adhere to their own laws that require a Fiscal Impact Study accompany all legislation.

4. Have a review of all Electronic Benefit Transfer Card (EBT Card) users.

5. Examination of Medicaid for Waste and Fraud.

6. Elimination of Paper Time Sheets for state workers.

7. Review of Temporary Disability Insurance beneficiaries for Waste and Fraud.

By systematically reviewing state department budgets and cutting them by 10 percent; streamlining departments; stopping unfunded mandates by state government and cities and towns; requiring the General Assembly adhere to Fiscal Impact studies of all legislation; a review of EBT, Medicaid, and TDI for Waste and Fraud; and finally an elimination of paper time sheets by state workers we can slowly reduce the $600 Million State Budget Deficit.

We didn’t get to the looming $600 Million Budget Deficit overnight, but we need to start cutting at the state level to reduce redundancies, cut useless positions in state departments and find cost savings to help stop the bleeding of tax dollars in state government.

Finally, the General Assembly should pass a Line Item Veto for the Governor to help him/her eliminate wasteful government spending. Forty-six other states give their governor this power. It is time Rhode Island gives our governor the same authorization.


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