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Senator John Pagliarini Questions Brookings Institute Report

Published on Mar 18, 2016

Senator Pagliarini sits on the Rhode Island Senate Finance Committee.

Recently, the committee hosted members of the Brookings Institute to give a summary report on their latest findings regarding the direction that Rhode Island should take to renew itself.

Sen. Pagliarini systematically tears their report to shreds using common sense metrics.

Quite shockingly, was the admission of the Brookings Institute that they readily admitted the data used was not current after questioning by Sen. Pagliarini.

See the entire exchange here:

Steve Laffey

Good to hear former Cranston Mayor Steve Laffey back on 630 WPRO!

Podcast: 11/5/2015: https://audioboom.com/boos/3778684-mayor-laffey-in-studio

Republican Policy Group Plan for Roads and Bridges; Summary Plan, Funding Sources, Toll Comparison – 10/7/15

Document – Repair Plan Summary – https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/2451412/republican-policy-group-bridge-repair-plan-summary.pdf

Document – Funding Sources – https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/2451418/rpg-funding-sources.pdf

Document – Tolling Comparison Plan – https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/2451413/tolling-comparison.pdf

Representative Patricia Morgan on 630WPRO on Dan Yorke Show – 10/7/15

 Mp3 – http://cdn.stationcaster.com/stations/wpro/media/mp3/Rep__Patricia_Morgan___10_7-1444246073.mp3


38 Studios | WPRI.com Blogs – Timeline of Stories/Events on ‪#‎38Studios‬

– 9/25/15

Story – http://wpri.com/blog-category/38studios/

Gordon Fox ordered 38 Studios deal, lawyers say – 8/19/15

Ex-speaker met with Schilling behind Carcieri’s back, according to court documents

Story – http://wpri.com/2015/08/19/gordon-fox-ordered-38-studios-deal-lawyers-say/

State Legislative Grants – See Where The Money Went!

House – http://www.rilin.state.ri.us/SiteAssets/LegGrants/HLGrants.pdf

Senate – http://www.rilin.state.ri.us/SiteAssets/LegGrants/SLGrants.pdf


Raimondo: More Jobs Are the Only Solution to RI’s Economic Blues Gov. Raimondo news conference on RI’s Economy.  http://ripr.org/post/raimondo-more-jobs-are-only-solution-ris-economic-blues RIPR.org (2/18/15)

Stop the Decline and Spark The Comeback Power Point Presentation  – Gov. Raimondo’s Power Point Presentation

10 things that will turn Rhode Island around The Ocean State economy is in need of more than comprehensive, prudent fixes. It needs some success stories right now. And here are 10 ideas that will provide just that.  http://pbn.com/10-things-that-will-turn-Rhode-Island-around,103369?  – Providence Business News (2/8/15)

Good Government

John Marion: Fox scandal should prompt reforms Included in changing the culture of our campaign finance is taking a hard look at what is legal for candidates to spend their campaign funds on. Why is it taken for granted that legislative leaders need six-figure campaign accounts when they only represent several thousand voters and often run unopposed? http://www.providencejournal.com/article/20150308/OPINION/150309461/2011


Thoughts on the RI GOP by Nick Lima – Cranston Republican City Committee

Last week, NPR’s Ian Donnis asked me what the Rhode Island Republican Party needs to do to win in the future. I sent him a lengthy response, and he printed what I thought were the best parts of it in his weekly politics blog. Last night at our state reorganization meeting, our new state party chairman, Brandon Bell, included the entirety of the selection Donnis published in his acceptance speech – humbling an unknowing me, sitting in the back of the room.

When I first received the email asking for my thoughts, I figured I’d send a couple sentences back – however, when I started writing, I ended up typing nearly all of my thoughts on the subject. Here’s the entirety of my original response to Ian Donnis, including what Chairman Bell read to the party last night:

“I think the biggest asset the local Republican Party has going for it is the truth. In politics, it’s easy to be characterized in a negative light by the opposition – certainly, Rhode Island Republicans have had to fight an uphill battle for decades, with the odds perennially stacked against them. However, when our candidates do the work to overcome those odds, and finally reach the voters with the message of who they truly are and what they stand for, they make races competitive, and even achieve victory.

When I sit in a Cranston Republican City Committee meeting, I don’t hear right-wing talking points, overzealous arguments about social issues, extreme views, or any number of other stereotypes often cast against the GOP – I hear community-minded, regular folks talking about what’s wrong in local and state government, and what can be done to fix it. I hear people who want to give a voice to the taxpayers, as opposed to a voice for the politically connected. Perhaps most importantly, I hear common sense, and a desire from everyone to effect positive change upon the state and community they live in.

So, how do Republicans become more competitive in this bluest of blue states? Recruit and support candidates like the people sitting in my city committee meetings – candidates who are connected to the community, represent their values, and are willing to be true leaders in fighting for their neighbors’ collective interests in government. It takes a lot of hard work to inform people; it takes time and energy to reach out to voters and connect with them personally; and it takes intelligent, thoughtful candidates to actually change voters’ impressions about what this party, in this state, is all about: accountability, responsibility, and service to the people.

I see the path to success. I see the future leaders of our communities and our state sitting around a conference table in our committee meeting – all worried about our future, and wondering aloud what they can do to make it more promising for everyone. That’s why they got involved. But the next step takes a leap of faith.

It takes courage to run for office – and support from many people – and it takes a leader to run a campaign that effectively convinces voters of the truth. However, if we can bridge that gap – if we can recruit and support the right people to work up the courage to run (and I see them everywhere I go), and then communicate our message effectively with the electorate, I believe they will see the truth of who we are. They will see the truth that they and their values are represented in us, not just by us.

If we can effectively communicate that message through our candidates, I believe voters will reject stereotypes, the stigma of national partisan politics, and the legacy of decades of one-party domination of our state. If we field qualified, well-supported candidates – across the board – who are willing to get the message out about who they truly are, our party will not just simply make more races competitive, but will actually achieve success in solving the problems that face our state. All it takes is for the people we want to represent to learn the truth.”


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