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Illegal Alien Driver’s Licenses


Illegal aliens want driver’s licenses to get to work.

Wait! Work? They are here illegally how can they work?

Where are they working and who is hiring them?

Are the employers paying the proper amounts on TDI and wages?

What about vehicle insurance and inspections IF this passes.

PLUS More cars on our crumbling infrastructure.

Stop this Illegal Alien Driver License Drive in its tracks!


Introduced By: Representatives Williams, Regunberg, Maldonado, Slater, and Ajello


State House Testimony – Videos

A huge Thank You to Roland Lavallee for providing the videos for our use!

Stacia Huyler Testimony On H7610 — Drivers Licenses For Illegal Aliens

Published on Mar 16, 2016

Stacia Huyler is a great citizen patriot who keeps a watchful eye on the misgivings and promises by our elected officials.

Stacia is seen in this video talking about the harmful effects of illegal aliens infiltrating our state and now demanding drivers licenses so they can go to work at a job they stole from an American.

 William Perry Gives Testimony Opposing Illegal Immigration Bills

 Terry Gorman Testimony On H7610 — Drivers Licenses For ILLEGAL ALIENS

Published on Mar 16, 2016

Terry Gorman is the Executive Director for Rhode Islanders For Immigration Law Enforcement (RIILE).

The group’s purpose to be a factor in keeping our immigration laws obeyed and observe by everyone.

The list of those kept in check range from the persons coming here illegally, the legislators that propose disastrous bills aiding illegal aliens, law enforcement personnel like the Rhode Island State Police, the mayors and Governor Gina Raimondo that chose to reward illegal aliens for their disregard for our immigration laws.

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