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Website: www.elaineforsenate.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Senator-Elaine-J-Morgan

Twitter: twitter.com/Elaine4Senator


Elaine J. Morgan (R-Dist. 34, Charlestown, Exeter, Hopkinton, Richmond, West Greenwich) is an entrepreneur and small business owner of Ashaway Dry Cleaning.

Morgan is the first female elected as Hopkinton Town Sergeant which she served for three terms prior to her election to the Rhode Island Senate. She is a member of Our Lady of Victory Church in Ashaway and a former foster parent.

Morgan is married to Edward and they have two children: Samantha and Ian.

Elaine J. Morgan was first elected to the Rhode Island Senate on November 4, 2014.


Hopkinton, R.I. – State Senator Elaine J. Morgan has announced that she will seek re-election to the District 34 seat (Exeter, Richmond, Hopkinton,  Charlestown, West Greenwich). Morgan a business-owner and former Town Sergeant of Hopkinton, currently serves as the Treasurer of Hopkinton Republican town Committee,  Senate Committee on Special Legislation and Veterans affairs, the Committee on Commerce, and the Commission on Women and Girls.

                  Morgan in this term’s highlights: Being Rated #1 Legislator in the RI State House assembly by the Center for Freedom and Prosperity index for her hard work towards a clean government, environmental preservation, keeping local control over planning, and the protection of our “Individual Liberty, Rights, and Freedom.” 

Morgan played the major role in Restoring the Categorical transportation funds to all Regional schools.  Morgan stressed “One major accomplishment is my ability to work bipartisan with the local governments within my districts to advance municipal goals.”   Morgan Advocated towards advancing a full Ethics Commission oversight of the General Assembly, 

Passed legislation for Charlestown to provide for a property tax exemption to veterans, who were honorably discharged, or to the veteran’s unmarried widow or widower, and worked and passed laws to protect our Charlestown and Westerly neighborhoods by empowering DEM to control fugitive dust from Copar Quarry. Tax reductions for our Seniors and Veterans were realized in the last two budgets. I supported legislation which requires healthcare providers to give veterans their medical records at no cost.

Legislation enhancements for employee rights as veterans and members of the National Guard passed. Corporation Fees were reduced.  I was one of the leading opposition voices to the RhodeWorks truck tolling plan and worked to develop a funding alternative to fix our roads and bridges using wasteful tax dollars already in the states budget however while a staunch opponent of tolls it didn’t prevent me from working in the senate with the hand dealt to communicate and legislate priorities and legitimate concerns of my constituents and town officials. 

I stood up for reducing regulations to small businesses. A great pro business legislation I cosponsored allows local breweries and distilleries to sell limited amounts of their products to visitors for sampling and off-site consumption.  We passed a plan to restructure the unemployment insurance taxes paid by employers, saving them an estimated $30 million.  Morgan played an instrumental role advocating the reopening of our I 95 N Rest stop between exits 2 and 3 in Richmond scheduled to be open by the end of this year. 

I voiced our communities’ outrage against the legislative and community grant programs. We exposed CommerceRI’s “Cooler and Warmer” campaign and failure wasting millions of our tax dollars.  I passed legislation to protect our children from sexual predators who sell and profit from this horrific exploitation of our youth. I passed legislation for Richmond to obtain a 4th member to represent them on the school committee giving all 3 towns equal representation. I worked very hard to protect the Well Drilling and commercial water filtration/treatment system businesses from being forced to unionize.

Morgan declared that she “will continue promoting a strong and boisterous business climate. Together we will fight against the “insider deals”,

I represent “we the people” of our district.  My constituents well know I always answer my calls and are here to be your voice.


1) Business development & Job Creation:

I want RI to rank in the top 5 business friendly states. Rhode Island is currently ranked # 49th in the nation for having a business friendly environment.
I will change that by working with the my district and fellow legislator’s to help the average Jane and Joe startup, manage and maintain a business.  I will devote my time personally to see these establishment succeed in our wonderful state.  I know what it takes to develop a business friendly environment on the legislative end and will implement it to the best of my ability.

2) Fiscal Responsibility:

We need to know where and how our tax money is being spent.  38 Studios is a very costly example of back door deals and wasteful spending costing Rhode Islanders $89 million dollars without our consent.
These so called deals need to be brought to the voters!
To long now we have been told where our money works best.
“We the people” know where our money works best IN OUR OWN POCKETS.  There has been so much wasteful spending without our permission.  This has to stop!
As Senator of District 34, I will bring transparency to the forefront.

I invite and look forward to your opinions and ideas @   ElaineForSenate@aol.com  or calling 401-744-0505
I commit to returning your correspondence promptly!

3)Preserving & Protecting our Natural Resources.

We need to work together to help our rural & agricultural farm lands stay safe.  Our lives and livelihood depends upon it.  I pledge to keep a unique balance between agriculture and business.  We need more tax incentives to help our farmers and farmland maintain its value. This industry has been over-regulated to its max


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    December 16 @ 8:00 am - 10:00 am
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    December 17 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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