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Rep. Blake Filippi on 2017 House Bills


Blake Filippi

Rep. Blake A. Filippi – Minimum Wage Helped By Inflation And Deflation

Published on Jun 28, 2017

Rep. Blake A. Filippi provides an intriguing answer to a question put forth by Rep. Shekarchi.
Rep. Filippi would like to tie minimum wage to the CPI (consumer price index) which is a figured calculated by economists in Washington, DC.
Rep. Shekarchi questioned how the minimum wage would be adjusted if the new CPI number showed deflation.


Rep. Blake A. Filippi Explains Difficult Vague Language In H5510 Domestic Violence Gun Bill

Published on Jun 28, 2017

Rep. Blake A. Filippi identifies troublesome language with vague description of what is referred as domestic violence.
The term ‘domestic’ has a wide funnel that could include someone who is accused and determine guilty by preponderance of evidence and not allowed a defense.


Rep. Blake A. Filippi – Court Discretion Rights Stripped In H5510 Domestic Gun Bill

Published on Jun 28, 2017

Rep. Blake A. Filippi explains how the language of the bill strips away the courts discretion to determine innocence or guilt.
The court’s hands are tied if there’s a preponderance of evidence but without a defense motion for the accused.
The language of the bill is such that the court SHALL (must) take away 2nd amendment without the judge having any discretion.


Rep. Blake A Filippi Argues Against Feds Co-opting State Farm Agents H6345

Published on Jun 29, 2017

Rep. Blake A. Filippi​ argues strongly against H6345 would require farmer to comply and adhere with the Federal Food, Safety And Modernization Act of 2011. The Act mandates compliance starting in 2018 and contains 600 pages.
The Act in itself would place a severe strain on an industry which operates on a minimal profit margin but Rhode Island H6345 would require state agencies to administer and force farmers to comply.


Rep. Blake A. Filippi Strongly Opposes Releasing Patient Information Without A Warrant

Published on Jun 29, 2017

Rep. Blake A. Filippi is a staunch defender of personal privacy and patients medical records.
He opposes H5469 Sub A would authorize the FDA, DEA, FBI, OIG and the Attorney General’s Medical Fraud Unit to view a patients prescription history, INCLUDING the patient’s name, at the request of the Department of Health.
Rep. Filippi asserts that if information is relevant to an ongoing investigation, the requesting agency go through the legal process of obtaining a warrant from a judge. Sufficient evidence must be shown to obtain the warrant and not simply because the Department of Health requests a patient’s protected information for any reason.

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