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Ken Block on Voter Registration


Anyone want to spend some quality time with Ken Block at the Board of Elections this coming Wednesday night? Very important meeting!

10/2: Ken Block files claim accusing RI of violating federal voting law on State of Mind

Ken Block, Founder of WatchdogRI.com joined Dan Yorke to discuss his complaint to the Department of Justice, which alleges that Rhode Island violates federal voting law.

AUDIO LINK: Ken Block on Matt Allen Show 630WPRO 9/28/2017

Statement by Ken Block: I have asked the US Dep’t. of Justice to intervene in RI elections because RI elections officials are violating US election laws.

Federal law requires that states collect either driver’s license numbers or Social Security numbers from anyone who registers to vote, and that states verify that data with either the DMV or Social Security Administration. RI does not require this if someone registers ‘in person’, which includes registrations at the DMV. This is how many thousands of RI voters are voting without having this data as part of their voter registration data. This is illegal.

When this federal law became effective in 2002, RI did things legally. Elections officials began violating the law in August of 2008, 2 months ahead of the 2008 General Election. An explosion of many hundreds of voters registered to vote without having the necessary data after RI began breaking the law, and then cast ballots in the 2008 election.

At the time, Ralph Mollis was the Secretary of State and Bob Kando was the Executive Director of the Board of Elections.

Much more to come on how this has impacted our elections.

Full text of complaint is here: http://simpaticosoftware.com/HAVA.pdf

2006 New Jersey Federal Complaint Link: https://www.justice.gov/sites/default/files/crt/legacy/2010/12/15/nj_hava_comp.pdf

Ken Block files complaint against RI Board of Elections for improper filing of Open Meeting Minutes:


Full Report with Documentation

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