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STOP RhodeWorks Toll Plan

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Read the Bill Here: 2016 — H 7409 – http://webserver.rilin.state.ri.us/BillText16/HouseText16/H7409.pdf

Introduced By: Representatives DeSimone, Blazejewski, Shekarchi, Carnevale, and Ucci

Date Introduced: January 28, 2016

The Question From StopTollsRI.com: Do you unequivocally oppose new tolls of any kind? 

Representative Responses: http://www.stoptollsri.com/representative_responses_tolls_ri

Senate Responses: http://www.stoptollsri.com/senator_responses_tolls_ri

WPRI Article: RI lawmakers’ bridge-repair plan has lower tolls, less borrowing

Excerpts From Article:

Here are some of the details about the revised plan provided by Mattiello’s office.

• Tolls: The revised plan includes language to cap the maximum toll for a truck to cross Rhode Island on I-95 at $20 per trip, down from $30 under the previous version; the cap would also be codified in legislation. The median toll would be $3 rather than $3.50, and the number of gantries would be 14 rather than 17. Tolls would still be levied on trucks classified as Class 8 and above, and would be capped at one toll per gantry per day in each direction.

• Borrowing: The revised plan scraps Raimondo’s proposal for a $600-million bond backed by toll revenue; instead it calls for a $300-million GARVEE bond, which involves borrowing against future federal highway funding. This would reduce estimated total interest payments from $578 million over 30 years to $204 million over 15 years. The revised plan still includes Raimondo’s proposal to obtain $120 million by refinancing older GARVEE bonds.

• Projects: The revised plan would still result in 90% of Rhode Island’s bridges being structurally sufficient by 2025, the same goal reached under the previous version, according to estimates. It would also include full funding for the Route 6/10 connector project. The lower revenue from borrowing would be partly made up for by $100 million in new federal funding.

• Passenger Cars: The revised plan includes language that bars tolling of passenger vehicles without explicit voter approval.

• Incentives: The revised plan drops a set of incentive programs for Rhode Island-based trucking companies that were included in the last version.



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