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The 6/10 Connector


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In just thirteen days the Rhode Island General Assembly under Speaker Mattiello and Senate President Paiva-Weed pushed through Governor Raimondo’s revamped RhodeWorks proposal to place 14 toll gantries along major thoroughfares in the state.

Prior to the RhodeWorks proposal, the Republican Policy Group led by State Representative Patricia Morgan (R- District 26 West Warwick, Warwick) proposed utilizing just under one percent from Rhode Island State Budget to fix our roads and bridges without utilizing tolls.

During hearings in the House and Senate Finance committees, owners of trucking and shipping companies protested that their businesses would be punished for 40 years of neglect by RI DOT for the lack of infrastructure maintenance of our roads and bridges under RhodeWorks.

Combined with a public outcry over over the objections of placing toll gantries on our major roadways into Rhode Island the General Assembly passed RhodeWorks.

Now in April the RI DOT has unveiled a tunnel/boulevard proposal at a cost of $800 Million dollars to revamp the 6/10 connector into Providence. Eight Hundred Million Dollars to repair just 1.5 miles of highway less than one percent of the structurally deficient roads and bridges in the state. Was the RhodeWorks Toll Proposal a bait and switch by the Raimondo Administration and the House Speaker to push through a proposal that wouldn’t fix RI’s infrastructure but to repair the 6/10 Connector?

One has to wonder how much longer RI’s taxpayers can absorb these proposals for one project but the money is earmarked for something else. 38Studios comes to mind where hundreds of millions was earmarked to one company for a video game system that was underfunded and under-supported but has been paid off by RI taxpayers for the moral obligation bonds.

See these videos by Republican RJL posted to our website of the RI DOT Workshops on the 6/10 connector and decide for yourself whether we should believe anything Governor Raimondo and the House Speaker says about any current or future projects.  We have a hard time believing anything leadership says regarding economic growth and development , because “Rhode Island is in excellent shape”.

Is it?

morgan H26

Representative Patricia Morgan On Tara Granahan: Patricia Morgan tells Tara the 6/10 connector tunnel was “never” discussed in Rhodeworks debates.


 Rep. Trillo Explosive Question For So called Traffic Expert At RIDOT Forum

Rep. Lima Questions RIDOT Spokesman At Greenspace 6-10 Forum

The 6/10 Connector Workshop –

RIDOT Director Peter Alvitti Gets Challenged By Audience Attendees

RIDOT estimates the costs to total $800M for a Green-space/tunnel Big Dig replacement of that connector.

At 4:55 The “let me tell something pal” comment

At 5:23 “90% of it could be done with existing funding”

At 6:30 “between 70 and 90 percent of damage being caused….are being caused by class 8 and above.”

At 7:30 Brian Bishop uses RIDOT figures against their own points.

At 9:00 Mr. Alvitti claims that a stopped truck causes damage.

At 12:55 Here’s a bit of RhodeMapRI

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